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Central Vacuums

Simple and easy to use, our Monarch Vacuum Systems are the most convenient, efficient modern method for cleaning every corner of your home. All of our systems can be easily installed in new or existing homes. We offer a comprehensive design service and we will install the system of your choice. Alternatively you can install it yourself with a custom made DIY kit.

A Monarch Ducted Vacuum System from Cotters is affordable, safe, and user friendly. Our systems cost little more than a good quality conventional vacuum cleaner and ensure a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Dust and mould are significant causes of allergies, which can also be associated with the use of conventional vacuum cleaners, infrequent emptying of vacuum cleaning bags and poor cleaning. Using a ducted vacuum  system eliminates recirculated dust, dirt and odours from your home.

Our ducted vacuum systems allow for easy and thorough dust removal, quickly filtering away dirt to the stationary vacuum unit.

How does a ducted vacuum system work?

Our ducted vacuum systems are installed away from main living areas in a garage, basement or external wall of your home.

Vacuum inlets are strategically installed throughout your home and connected to the vacuum unit by a piping system hidden within the walls.

Simply connect the lightweight switchable hose to the wall inlet of your choice and you’re ready to clean!

Monarch Systems

The Monarch series is a modern and efficient ducted vacuum system with a filter bag unit. With a range of models to suit every home, the Monarch offers soft start technology for longer motor life, switchable hose options an up to five years warranty.

The synthetic bags do not support the growth of mould, fungus and bacteria, have twice the airflow of paper and will not burst. With filtration performance at 99+% you can be sure of a dust free environment, along with a unit that is clean and so easy to empty.

Email us your plans, or drop them into out showroom and allow us to complete a design and price it for you.